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Envato Exclusive: The World Photo Pack TFx

Reviewed by Fxtheme
Rating : 7.3/10 .
20 Large Inspiring Photos From Around the World. Just $20.

We scoured PhotoDune for 20 of the most amazing photos from around the world. The resulting photographs captured moments from Moscow to Bhutan, with one photo even capturing the field used to film the movie Gladiator! Each photo is high-resolution enough to work for print graphics, website backgrounds, or even canvas prints.

Act fast, the World Photo Pack is only available until noon on the 5th of August AEST! Scroll down to see all of the photos and read the authors’ stories who captured them:

Photo #1 Location: ICELAND

Photo by Fyletto Image Size: 3002×1998 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

About This Photo: Photography was not Fyletto’s intended career, but his twin passions of travel, and landscape and architecture photography turned it into one. “ I had to wait for many hours for a after-midnight sunset so as not to be disturbed by long shadows in the gorge. But the sky still retained some of its awesome colors it had during the sunset.”

Photo #2 Location: BHUTAN, SOUTH ASIA

Photo by wusuowei Image Size: 3394×2057 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #3 Location: YUKON, CANADA

Photo by pilens Image Size: 3570×2380 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “Mysterious taiga and subarctic tundra, untouched wilderness, wild rivers, clear lakes, rugged mountains, bright midsummer nights with buzzing mosquitos, strong winters with crystal clear coldness, terrific landscapes and indescribable light – all that is the North. Not surprisingly, the North inspired me to become a photographer”.


Photo by kwiktor Image Size: 3072×2040 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #5 Location: SOSSUSVLEI, NAMIBIA

Photo by Ecosound Image Size: 3050×2033 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

About the Photo: Most of EcoSound’s wildlife photography is shot in the wild, accessing areas not readily open to the general public as a perk of being an academic in the field of Rangeland Ecology and Wildlife Management. The ostriches were photographed in Namibia where wildlife is sparsely distributed and not that often encountered. “I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time”, says EcoSound.

Photo #6 Location: MOSCOW

Photo by anshar73 Image Size: 2851×2105 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #7 Location: VATICAN CITY, ROME

Photo by kasto Image Size: 3000×2000 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune


Photo by cmfotoworks Image Size: 3054×1965 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “The floating markets of Damnoen Saduak are a wonderful and unique place in Thailand. The town 100 km west of Bangkok consists of a network of water channels. The floating market takes places every morning and the sellers drive around the channels (called Khlong) with their boats and sell their goods. You can rent a boat that drives you along through the Khlongs – a great experience”.


Photo by szefei Image Size: 3800×2536 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune


Photo by della67 Image Size: 1996×3005 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “I’m not a professional photographer, however I spend much time on improving my skills. I took this shot during my short trip in Istanbul, where I was attracted by the beauty of Mosques over there. I used a wide-angle lens to catch the beauty of the roof and its decoration”.


Photo by javarman Image Size: 2843×2592 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #12 Location: ALASKA

Photo by Galyna_Andrushko Image Size: 3704×2496 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “Alaska is a place where you can become one with nature. One morning we were awoken by a bear hitting our tent with his paw. It was really scary! Fortunately it was only a curious black bear, not an aggressive brown one. I hope that my love of photography will help me capture many more amazing moments in life”.


Photo by markusgann Image Size: 3600×2250 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #14 Location: HUDSON RIVER, NEW YORK

Photo by francoisrouxphoto Image Size: 2094×2866 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “Once in a while, during winter, temperatures drop way below freezing for a couple of days, and then, the Hudson starts to freeze. It does not happen often, but when it does, it offers a real spectacle that is worth seeing”.

Photo #15 Location: ANDES MOUNTAINS, PERU

Photo by Curioso_Travel_Photography Image Size: 3000×2000 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #16 Location: HAVANA, CUBA

Photo by frankix Image Size: 3005×1997 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

About this Photo: Frank is a US-based photographer. “I was looking for some contrasts and took quite a lot of shots from the same spot just opposite the Capitol building while traffic was passing to get an old-timer and a bike taxi”.

Photo #17 Location: OLD TOWN, WARSAW

Photo by rognar Image Size: 3000×2000 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

Photo #18 Location: BORNEO, MALAYSIA

Photo by kjorgen Image Size: 3721×2480 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “In 2008, I quit my job, rented out my house, and packed my bag with photo gear. I stumbled upon many unforgettable places, but Borneo was one of my favourites. Waiting for the orangutan’s to show up in the lush jungle, listening to the rustling leaves and breaking branches. I continue to travel as much as I can, seeking remote places and looking for unique adventures. Always with my camera ready”.

Photo #19 Location: DUBROVNIK FORTRESS

Photo by mikdam Image Size: 3039×1974 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune


Photo by fisfra Image Size: 3000×2000 (Large) Normally Priced: $5 on PhotoDune

From the Author: “The Val d’Orcia is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The endless landscape with its spectacular views, lonely farmhouses and cypress lined alleys is in my opinion one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. It also the setting in some well-known movies – one of the key scenes of Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” was shot close to the location of my photo”.

*Important stuff you should know: Due to exclusive nature of The World Photo Pack, all files are sold as-is, meaning authors aren’t required to offer support and updates. Instead, we selected files based on relatively high ratings. Plus, every file on PhotoDune is already reviewed for quality by our review staff.

The Envato Bundles Team

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