Template Name: T-Shirt Store

Item number: 41645
Template Type: Magento
Author: Hermes
Downloads: 4

Magento Engine: 1.7.0.x

Magento Compatibility: 1.7.x

Sources Available: .PSD;.XML;.PHTML;.CSS

Software Required:
Adobe Photoshop CS+;
Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ (or any php-editor);
For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac);
Our magento themes are designed to be used with clean install without sample data that is provided with the default theme.;
Magento community edition 1.7.0.x

Features: Admin Panel Templates that allow you to manage the content via the use of admin panel.

Animation: HTML Plus JS Some elements of these templates - such as header or menu buttons - are animated by the means of JS scripts.

Functionality: Online Store/shop

Width: 1920px

Installation: Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder).

Short description: Creative design is what you need for your cool products. Trendy grunge style will single your store out among the competitors. Grid structure presenting the items in content area makes the layout look well structured. T-shirt images show visual effect on hovering. Slider demonstrates the most fashionable prints. Bright banners with large fonts promote store offers.

Kind of shops: The design is best for online T-shirt, youth and alternative clothes stores.

Related Categories:
T-shirt Shop Templates;   Fashion Web Templates;

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T-Shirt Store TMT

Reviewed by Fxtheme
Rating : 4.7/10 .

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