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inFocus - Powerful Professional Template w/ E-Shop

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Rating : 8/10 .

Php 5.4+ Fix ( white page when loading the site )

Please update admin/lib/common.php and install/lib/common.php with

This is a full website template with full seo support and an e-commerce module, that is complex enough to satisfy all you needs.

But the most important is that it contains a custom advanced content management system (CMS), that we hope is a very good alternative to the Wordpress themes. All the content is flexible, you can enable/disable modules, add a module more than once, reorder items in back-end and many other facilities. The best would be to see it for yourself…

WordPress & HTML Versions Advanced PHP CMS Preview

Front-end (to preview changes): Administration Panel: Username: demo Password: demo

Key Features

Our Template is entirely editable, using a very logical CMS which is way better than the Wordpress solution. Full seo support html: the html code is extremely seo-friendly, so that every page can be optimized individually and has ‘friendly urls’. Modular design: you can choose what modules to use and how often you want to use a certain type of module. Google Analytics, Ownership verifications using meta tags – directly from CMS. Automatic generation of Google and Yahoo sitemaps (googlemaps.xml and urllist.txt). Easy image-manipulation from the admin panel (cropping, resizing, uploading, etc.). Efortless installer: all you need to do is to give permissions to a certain folder, from there on it will do the rest for you. Complex E-Commerce module, with full PayPal support.


- Home Page Our frontpage comes with an impressive jQuery homepage slider, with 3 different staging effects.

- About: Displays unlimited amount of text, editable from CMS using the popular editor fckeditor, with auto-generation menu (multiple-pages support).

- Galleries This module supports an unlimited images with larger versions open in lightbox.

- Blog: Our complex blog module works on the Wordpress paradigm, but it’s way easier to manage and, paired with the rest of this site, it’s a terrific tool. Some key features for this module:
  • unlimited labels and topic
  • search topics
  • view monthly archive
  • view all topics written by a certain author
  • view all topics containing a tag
  • widget for latest Twitter posts
  • widget for latest Flickr photos
  • enable/disable comments for any topic you want
  • pagination for comments, to avoid crowded pages
  • enable/disable administrator moderation for comments
  • rss feeds for all topics, latest global comments and latest comments for each topic
- E-Shop: A complex module you can use to sell software and ship the products; its key features are:
  • three types of landing pages (latest products, categories and jump to first category)
  • unlimited products
  • various widgets for sidebar and footer (featured product, latest products, best sold, just sold, last visited, related products and others)
  • unlimited product variations (ex: size, color, etc.)
  • support for specifications tables
  • discounts per ordering amount
  • taxing classes (VAT)
  • shipping table
  • downloadable products (after the order is completed, your buyer will receive an email with URLs for all the available products to download)
  • full PayPal support (including IPN)
  • ordering management, directly from the admin panel
  • notification emails for new orders, for pending orders (when the payment was made with e-check) and for the administrator
  • supports all currencies available through PayPal

- Quotes (testimonials) This page tells a story to your visitors, by displaying your clients’ opinion about your work and the professional relationship with your company

- Simple (Text) Page You can use this component for sections with only one page (e.g. Terms and conditions)

- Contact: Smart contact module, with message archive and the possibility to redirect your email to various addresses, depending on the department selection. Editable email (notifies the administrators) and autoresponder for the clients (to let them know the recipient received it).

- Portfolio Project navigation is easy, without having to return to index.

- Styles This modules includes a drop-down list of 10 skins for our InFocus template: feel free to choose the one you find is appropriate for your needs.

- View Cart This component belongs to the ‘E-Shop’ module and is active while your visitors are shopping inside your virtual InFocus store.

- Footer Editor This module supports three types of blocks, that you can reorder by choice: - text (e.g. Frequently Asked Questions) - URLs (pointing to other interest sites) - a quick contact form, which is linked to the ‘Contact’ module


We are offering support for this template only on the inFocus – Powerful Professional Template with CMS and E-Shop

We are opened for suggestions regarding our future templates and we encourage you to send us hints or any sort of feedback, to help us improve our products’ quality. If you need extra modules built for your special needs, we also perform custom work.

Enjoy this new release from OXYLUS.

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Don’t forget to check out our ActiveDen Profile.

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