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Fluxglide Complete HTML5 Website Template w/ Shop

Reviewed by Fxtheme
Rating : 7.9/10 .

This is a complete website template that can be used for anything between a simple presentation site and a fully fledged e-commerce site with tons of articles and blog posts.

Using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in conjunction with an elegant minimalist design ensures that any site based on this template will make an impact.

It’s powered by our acclaimed fully custom CMS (with many improvements in this version) and, as usual, has full SEO support and a fully featured e-commerce module.

Easy to install, easier to manage and market, a top tool for the web professional that doesn’t have time to waste with Wordpress or wants to earn extra points with a customer. Many of our customers are ex-WP users and that says a lot about the usability of our system.

Our CMS has been in use and constant development for almost 10 years, it’s a very stable platform. We’re constantly improving on it and we have big plans this year, just wait and see !

Management is flexible, you can enable/disable modules, add a module more than once, reorder items in back-end (now with drag & drop) and many, many other facilities. But enough talk, check out the demo below and see for yourself :

Advanced PHP CMS Preview :

Front-end (to preview changes): Administration Panel: Username: demo Password: demo

Key Features
  • Clean, bespoke, minimalist design that allows the site theme/niche to be changed just by well chosen background images
  • 20 Modules included, making this one of the most featured templates on sale
  • Our content management system is very logical which makes editing the content and marketing a breeze
  • Full SEO Support : the html is 100% SEO friendly, every single page can be optimized individually (title, keywords, description, url) and has ‘friendly urls’, CMS automatically generates googlemap.xml (google) and urllist.txt (yahoo)
  • Modular design : you can choose to use any of the 20 modules included and you can use any module multiple times
  • Google Analytics support, ownership verification using meta tags directly from the CMS
  • Easy image-manipulation from the admin panel (cropping, resizing, uploading, etc.).
  • Effortless installer: all you need to do is give permissions to a certain folder, from there on it will do the rest for you. Documentation provided.
  • Fully featured E-Commerce module, advanced shopping cart with shipping methods, tax, multiple payment options (paypal, moneybookers,, offline), variations, comments, digital distribution (download) and much more.
  • Supports user accounts, facebook login, user protected modules, “local” as well as facebook comments support.
  • Form generator (define your own fields with ease) for the Contact and Careers (upload) Modules
  • The Gallery, Portfolio and Banner Rotator modules support MP4 video uploads as well as Youtube and Vimeo clips.
  • Custom font is in woff format so it can easily be changed to any another font via a woff generator
  • The Photoshop .PSD designs as well as the HTML version of this template ($15 value) are included !
Included Modules : E-Shop – Products Catalog and Cart Modules: A complex module you can use to safely and elegantly sell and ship your products. Here’s a set of the main features: * category pages * search results * unlimited amount of products * for each product you can have a mini gallery containing images and videos (local as well as Youtube or Vimeo embeds) * reviews for each product * ask a question * public comments ( local or facebook ) * unlimited product variations (ex: size, color, etc.) with price change * support for specifications tables * taxing (international, domestic) * shipping methods (international, domestic) * supports downloadable products (digital distribution) support. After the purchase clients can receive a download link and/or download the product from within their user account * multiple payment options support including Paypal, Moneybookers, or offline. Any other payment options can be integrated as custom work if needed. * advanced ordering management directly from the admin panel, e-mail notifications for clients and administrators when an order status changes * supports all currencies available through the payment processors * you can use multiple product catalog modules, cart is unique throughout the site, of course Blog * countless labels and topic * search topics * view all topics written by a certain author * view all topics containing a tag * enable/disable comments for any topic you want * pagination for comments, to avoid crowded pages * enable/disable administrator moderation for comments Gallery * supports unlimited number of albums, each with as many items as you need, no limits. If there’s just one album no album menu appears. * gallery items can be images, mp4 videos or youtube/vimeo embeds * large item view opens in Pretty Photo Portfolio * complex portfolio with unlimited categories that can host unlimited projects and each project can have an unlimited number of images and videos * easy project navigation with no need to return to index Contact * custom form generator * message archive with the possibility to redirect your e-mails to various addresses depending on the department selection * editable e-mail templates and auto responder for clients * captcha support for guests User Accounts * login, register, register with facebook, recover password * edit user account details, default shipping and billing info * orders history and purchased product download section User Comments * can be added to any other module (even contact module if, for some reason, you’d want that) * supports internal comments as well as facebook comments, your call * moderation in the admin panel * captcha support for guests * admin notification on new comments Banner Rotator * supports images, vimeo and youtube videos * can be used as a showreel when just one item/video is used * supports captions that can be placed anywhare on the item and also supports multiple captions per item Jobs/Careers * form generator for applicants form * resume upload support * captcha support for guests Home Page About * generic html content page module, can be reused for any content page Services Social Bookmarking Countdown Launch Timer Newsletters Team Members Backgrounds * global backgrounds or unique backgrounds for each module * custom background slideshow support News Clients External Links Support

We are offering support for this template mainly on the Fluxglide Complete HTML5 Website Template with Shop and CMS

We are open for suggestions regarding our future templates and we encourage you to send us hints or any sort of feedback, to help us improve our products’ quality.

If you need extra modules built for your special needs, we also perform custom work.

If there’s enough demand for this template we will update it with things you’d like to have, so please send us your wish list !

Current wish list : - full (optional) animations support throughout the template - html5 history state for improved performance and appearance - extra modules - extra payment methods - discounts and coupons - your wish here

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release from OXYLUS !

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